The Astral Archive

The Astral Archive came about after I wrote a few DnD5e supplement reviews on the fly for fun. Initially, the reviews were hosted on my personal website but when it became clear there would be more, this site came into being.

I’m not 100% sure what the future of this site looks like. What I do know is that I’m interested in reviewing more 5e content, supporting and boosting creators, and subjecting y’all to my own homebrew shenanigans.

Interested in having your own archetype/subclass or magical items reviewed? Let me know. I especially want to hear from historically excluded creators.

Yours Truly

Katie or KB

Hey there, hi there. I’m Katie, the person responsible for all you see on this site. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in college circa ~2010, but took a decade-long break after a really bad first experience. I hopped back into the world in 2019 and haven’t looked back.

I stepped into the role of dungeon master in 2020 when I launched my first homebrew campaign. I am lucky to have 5 amazing pals that agreed to be players. They’re currently known as ~The Smuggle Busters~, but we’ll see if that name sticks.

I’m based out of Minneapolis, known first as Mni Sota Makoce.


Call me, tweet me, if you wanna reach me 🎶